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Welcome To VisionSpring

Founded in 2006, VisionSpring, Inc. is a WBENC certified diversity, equity and inclusion consulting firm offering fully integrated strategy development, Employee Resource Group strategic consulting, training and e-learning solutions.  We work with our clients to create a culture where all employees understand the DEI business case and have the skill and desire to serve as change agents.  

We function as an extended part of your DEI team.

We function as an extended part of your DEI team; key to our success is the relationship we build with each of our clients. We are creating communities of practice that bring together the shared thought leadership of our internal consultants, our clients and our partners in a collaborative effort to advance this work. Our work makes good business sense, creates unique business opportunities for our clients, and enhances the lives of the people we serve.

Areas of Expertise

We have more than 20 years of experience in diversity, equity and inclusion with expertise in strategy development, curriculum design, and training and development. Our integrated approach to DEI enables our clients to drive sustainable change that enhances workplace culture, improves business results, and increases employee engagement and commitment. We have helped our clients enhance overall inclusive leadership competency and skill, engage middle managers in DEI efforts, and address and manage the impact of bias at the organizational and individual levels.
We base our instructional design on practical application and real-world examples. Our workshops balance lectures, small- and large-group exercises, and case scenarios tailored to the needs of your organization. We build the knowledge, skills, and confidence of participants so they can model inclusive, culturally competent behaviors and immediately apply what they’ve learned in their own work environments.
Understanding your nuanced culture enables us to design and deliver an experience where ALL participants feel safe asking the difficult questions, are able to open their hearts and minds to varying perspectives, and realize that DEI is about them and for them not about fixing them.
VisionSpring’s eLearning captures the learner’s attention from the start, is engaging with just the right amount of interactivity and incorporates opportunities to test and apply new knowledge and skills. We are not an eLearning powerhouse that spits out content on anything from shop floor safety to compliance. Our eLearning is not about checking boxes, it is about culture transformation.

We bring 20+ years of DEI experience and a deep passion for this work into everything we create. Our breadth of knowledge, cross-industry experience, and ability to synthesize ideas enable us to design timely, relevant, and engaging content to help our clients realize their DEI vision.   

Our Team

Erica Colonero

Erica is the co-Founder & Partner at VisionSpring, Inc. Erica consults in the areas of ERGs, inclusive leadership, middle manager engagement and diversity, equity and inclusion and provides customized strategic solutions that address the specific needs of each client that blends workforce, workplace, marketplace, and community related goals.

Robin Pedrelli

Robin has been improving business performance and employee engagement as a diversity, equity and inclusion consultant to major companies for more than 20 years. As an expert in the field, Robin is a sought-after consultant, trainer and speaker on the topics of diversity, equity, and inclusion, Employee Resource Groups, middle manager engagement and inclusive leadership. 

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