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VisionSpring understands that eLearning is much more than simply recording your static PowerPoint presentation. eLearning needs to capture the learner’s attention from the start, must be engaging and interactive and will help accelerate culture change.

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What Sets VisionSpring's eLearning Apart

VisionSpring has 25 years of DEI experience and our passion for this work is reflected in the thought and care we pour into everything we do.  We are not an eLearning Powerhouse that spits out content on anything from shop floor safety to compliance.  Our eLearning is not about checking boxes, it is about culture transformation. 

VisionSpring’s approach to eLearning incorporates:
Our eLearning course topics:

Client Testimonials

“We recently added VisionSpring’s Recognizing and Managing Unconscious Bias eLearning to our learning management system and integration was seamless. This training is required by all employees on an annual basis. In its first year, we received such great feedback and praise from employees. They loved how interactive and engaging it was. Our employees really appreciated the workplace scenarios that helped them think through how to recognize biases that may come up in everyday interactions. Many employees were eager to continue the learning and wanted to use these scenarios in various departments across the company, especially with managers. We will continue to use this training and will be reviewing other VisionSpring trainings on other topics such as supporting the LGBTQ+ community.”

Jenny Bautista-Raverby DEI Manager Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island

“VisionSpring has been a valuable strategic partner for more than 15 years now – I have worked with them while at several different companies and in a multitude of capacities. They truly function as an extended part of my team and have been instrumental in helping me turn my vision into programs and initiatives that have real meaning and impact. Robin and Erica are creative thinkers with extensive diversity and inclusion experience and are always there to help me think through an idea or challenge and provide honest input and feedback. I consider both of them a resource, an asset, and above all a friend.

Susan Stith, VP, Diversity, Inclusion and Civic Affairs, Cigna

VisionSpring’s Inclusive Leadership Accelerator Blueprint (iLab) is a peer learning program that guides leaders on a journey to build awareness and action. Learners participate in a results-focused, 6-module learning experience that combines online training, peer discussion, and practical application to help demystify DEI so leaders can drive authentic conversations and meaningful positive change.

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