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DEI Question and Answer

As part of your DEI journey, it’s important to provide a forum for employees to ask questions and voice their concerns. Below, we’ve provided sample responses to common inquiries and pushback. We encourage you to engage in the difficult conversations and please reach out to HR if you require additional support or resources.

DEI questions and concerns addressed in this resource are:

  1. I don’t think we should hire based on gender but rather the most qualified candidate.
  2. Promotions should be based on qualifications only, not for diversity. Putting people in jobs for reasons other than ability and qualifications is unfair.
  3. Why are we changing the way we treat people, or making us feel like the way we have treated coworkers was wrong? We haven’t had issues in the past, why do we have to change now?
  4. Some of our employees are conservative, why are we including politics at work?
  5. Too much time, money and effort is spent on Diversity. For a company to be financially successful, we need to focus on what’s important.
  6. Once we have “exceptions” or “quotas”, we create more division, not more equality.
  7. Why is diversity encouraged only when it fits the needs of the senior management? Diversity and inclusion should pertain to more than just race and gender.

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