DEI Strategic Consulting

To help our clients link diversity and inclusion to core business objectives, we walk them through a strategic process allowing them to recognize their specific business case for diversity and inclusion, identify DEI goals, determine high-priority initiatives to meet those goals, and select criteria for success.

Our strategic development process includes:

Featured Clients for DEI Strategic Consulting Services

Client Testimonials

“Working with VisionSpring over the past decade has been a remarkable experience. We can always rely on Erica & Robin to leverage their expertise to provide the input & guidance we’re looking for. They are effective in asking the right questions and thinking through the possible outcomes to ensure we are heading in the right direction.

Kevin E. Price, Executive Vice President/Corporate Social Responsibility, Forvis

“VisionSpring has been a valuable strategic partner for more than 15 years now – I have worked with them while at several different companies and in a multitude of capacities. They truly function as an extended part of my team and have been instrumental in helping me turn my vision into programs and initiatives that have real meaning and impact. Robin and Erica are creative thinkers with extensive diversity and inclusion experience and are always there to help me think through an idea or challenge and provide honest input and feedback. I consider both of them a resource, an asset, and above all a friend.


Susan Stith, VP, Diversity, Inclusion and Civic Affairs, Cigna
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