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Creating a Culture of Belonging Discussion Guide


What is the Creating a Culture of Belonging Discussion Guide?
People feel like they belong when they are included, valued and believe they can bring their whole selves to work and still be part of a community. In this discussion guide, participants will reflect on personal experiences to explore the characteristics and behaviors that define a Culture of Belonging and identify opportunities to address microinequities that occur in our workplaces.
Who is it designed for?
The Creating a Culture of Belonging Discussion Guide is designed for leaders, managers and their teams as a way to deepen awareness and understanding, provide an opportunity to get to know each other as a team and to establish some guidelines for creating a positive, inclusive team culture. Some facilitation skill is required to lead a successful conversation.
How can you use it?
Use as a team building exercise, as a conversation starter or as a way to address problematic behavior on your team. This could be used as a standalone exercise or incorporated into a team or management meeting or a diversity and inclusion training program.

This exercise can be effectively executed in 25 – 30 minutes.

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