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Privilege & Allyship Training

What is the Privilege and Allyship Training?

Privilege and Allyship is a training tool that can be leveraged by DEI practitioners as part of their training offerings. The tool is designed to help employees at all levels recognize their individual positions of privilege and how they can leverage that privilege on behalf of others and in efforts at creating more fair and equitable workplaces.

Who is it designed for?

The intended participant is any individual, people manager or leader within the organization. This workshop is designed to be delivered by diversity and inclusion practitioners and trainers and/or a facilitator who have training skills and knowledge of diversity and inclusion. Some facilitation skill and an intermediate level of DEI competency is required to lead a successful meeting.

How can you use it?

This workshop can be included as part of your organization’s internal DEI training offerings and is suitable for all employees at all levels. You will find the companion PowerPoint presentation as well as all the support materials on the Inclusion Learning Loop.TM

This session can be executed in about 90 – 120 minutes depending on the size of the group and the amount of time you dedicate to discussion.

Workshop objectives:

We all have many aspects of identity and our identities influence our experiences and how we view the world.  As we strive for more equitable workplaces, it’s important to explore the concept of identity and the role identity plays in our social relationships and dynamics of power and privilege. In this training you’ll explore the privilege associated with different forms of identity and how you can leverage that privilege on behalf of others and in pursuit of equity and justice. 


  • Deepen your understanding of key concepts related to identity, privilege and power
  • Explore the connection between identity, power and privilege
  • Gain strategies for leveraging your privilege and serving as an ally
  • Learn how you can contribute to a more positive workforce, improved business outcomes, and a more equitable world

Download the partial Facilitator’s Guide below. For Access to the Complete Facilitator’s Guide Contact Erica Colonero at Erica@visionspringinc.com

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