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Tip Calendar for Leaders: 30 Actions for Promoting Inclusion

What is the Tip Calendar for Leaders?

The Tip Calendar for Leaders provides 4 weeks of daily tips that leaders and people managers can practice as a way to contribute to the organization’s DEI efforts. Each day provides a tip – by hovering over the tip with your mouse or curser you will find a brief description of the tip and/or how to apply it. Additionally if the tip references an article or downloadable materials, a link has been provided to access those materials.

The tips are organized by six categories:

  • Expand your knowledge by reading the provided articles
  • Small practical things you can do to promote inclusion and equity
  • Think about how these concepts effect you and your work
  • Share what you’ve learned or how you feel with your employees and colleagues
  • Download these quick and easy reference tools
  • Engage with others in your workplace and your community to build understanding across difference.

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