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Interactive Exercises

Our interactive exercises allow you to reinforce key concepts and practice applying new skills in a fun and interactive way. 

Back Pocket Exercises

Our back pocket exercises are interactive activities designed to build awareness, elicit connection or affect changes in mindset. These exercises can be executed in about 15-25 minutes. The idea is to create little a-ha moments that get people thinking differently and behaving more inclusively.

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Dialogue Drivers

These interactive dialogue drivers are designed to help managers and their teams understand the relevance of diversity in their work and make easy connections to their specific goals and challenges. Each conversation starter comes equipped with discussion prompts, facilitation guidelines, and a worksheet for recording outcomes. These are meant to encourage dialogue and exploration rather than elicit behavior change or improve competency. Some facilitation skill and baseline DEI knowledge is required to lead a successful conversation.

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Take Fives

Use our Take Fives as a quick and easy way to infuse conversations about diversity and inclusion into every day meeting agendas.

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Ted Talks

We’ve done all the work for you – our step-by-step discussion guides provide everything you need to host follow-up conversations for the latest DEI-related Ted Talks including discussion prompts, talking points, pro facilitator tips, and key take-aways.

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